Exterior Car Detailing in Dubai

Exterior Car Detailing Services

Our Team of expert detailers have a combined experience of more that 50 years in the automotive detailing and are equipped with the best tools and Materials to achieve superior results. Every car ages differently and requires a unique approach to bring it back to its best appearance. That is why our detailers exclusively use Turtle Wax products in a multistep process to bring back the shine to your vehicle exterior.

Our exterior detailing is guaranteed to include at least 6 steps depending on the condition of the vehicle and more steps may be added if and when required:

Old Cars

  • Step 1: Rich Snow Foam Wash and rinse +Rim Clean
  • Step 2: Full body Claying
  • Step 3 : Paint correction T10/T20
  • Step 4: Paint correction T30/T40
  • Step 5: Residue removal
  • Step 6: Paint Sealant + chrome polish

New Cars

  • Step 1: Rich Snow Foam Wash and rinse + Rim clean
  • Step 2: Full body Claying
  • Step 3: Paint Correction
  • Step 4: Residue Removal
  • Step 5: Paint Sealant + Chrome polish
  • Step 6: Turtle Wax car paint protection coating


Exterior detailing refers to the process of polishing the body of the vehicle in order to remove signs of deterioration such as scratches,swirls and oxidation
Detailing begins with a thorough washing and rinsing of the car followed by claying the entire body to prepare it for the paint correction process. Once ready the detailers will go through one or two rounds of polishing the car body depending on the condition of the car and the amount of care required. Once the Paint restoration has been completed it is important to seal it using a wax or coating.

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