Guide to remove ceramic coating from your car to apply a new layer

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Guide to remove ceramic coating from your car to apply a new layer

Just like humans have a protective layer in the form of the skin, in order to give adequate shielding to the vehicles, ceramic coating is applied by professionals. Every vehicle has some exterior threats like UV rays, chemical exposure, bird droppings, rain, dirt, scratches, and others – so, to give the vehicle a self-cleaning ability, a layer of ceramic coating is used over the paint of the vehicle.

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Why would you go for the removal of the ceramic coating?

Well, one of the most common reasons to remove the existing layer of ceramic coating is to apply a fresh one. So, if you are planning to give your vehicle a better-than-before coating, the step to start with has to be the removal of the current coating. Some other possible reasons could be repairing the vehicle body or repainting.

How to remove ceramic coating from your car?

Thorough Cleaning of Your Vehicle

The first step has to be the dedicated rinsing of the body. This will let the dirt, a bit of the mud maybe, go loose and get off your vehicle’s body.

Removing of Contaminated Substances

The first step is not enough to ensure that the body is cleansed. There are some substances (picked from the surrounding) like iron rust, tar, salts, etc. that are still comfortable in the body’s pores. So, a good contamination remover, generally car shampoo, is used to solve the purpose.

Chemical Way of Coating Removal OR Machine Polishing

The chemical way includes the use of degreasers (alkaline in property) to shatter the surface bond of the ceramic coating. Machine Polishing is a widely used way of removing the ceramic coating. You will find most of the professionals implementing this approach.

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