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Premium Detailing Services

Car detailing is a slow and deliberate process that requires the approach of a perfectionist. That is what MasterKraft is all about. Our skilled detailers exclusively use Turtle Wax products to achieve the best possible results. Furthermore, each vehicle in our care is given substantial time and attention. The idea is to bring the detailing process back to it roots i.e. artisanship.

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The Turtle Wax story began in 1944 with the introduction of the very first bottled car wax. 75 years later, the most innovative brand in car care remains number one in the market, with sales of spray wax, car wash, carpet and fabric care products, and more. With products distributed in more than 120 countries, Turtle Wax has a global presence, but its hometown of Chicago is where the most innovative and award-winning formulas are developed.

We take our artisanship seriously by not compromising on the products we use. Masterkraft Detailing services uses the Turtle Wax product range exclusively to give its customers the best results.

Turtle Wax

What We Offer

Our services are focused on making your car look its best. Depending on your cars condition you may choose the specific services that you need: