5 Advantages of Ceramic Coating Your Car

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5 Advantages of Ceramic Coating Your Car

A ceramic coating is made up of silicone dioxide and other polymers that combine to form a tough, durable shell that protects your vehicle’s paintwork from the elements. Consider it extremely thin, lightweight armor for your vehicle. While ceramics are not bulletproof, they do prevent light to moderate scratches, swirls, and oxidation in the clear coat.

It even makes the surface of your car hydrophobic. This means that, rather than allowing rainwater to sit for hours on the hood of your car, a ceramic coating repels water and promotes water beading action, causing excess water to roll right off the sides of your car, preventing streaks and water stains.

Here are the five advantages of ceramic coating for your car: 

  1. Provides extra protection: Every time you drive, you expose the paint on your vehicle to harmful pollutants. Ceramic coating creates a solid, protective barrier on the body of your vehicle, keeping harmful contaminants at bay. It can withstand significant damage without harming your vehicles, such as fading, oxidation, and chemical stains. Furthermore, the ceramic coating protects your exterior from UV radiation, which can oxidize and degrade your paint. If you park outside, this is a useful feature.
  2. Lasts longer than the other paint jobs: Ceramic coating outperforms regular paint in terms of longevity and durability. The new coating becomes permanently bonded to the surface of the vehicle and cannot be easily removed by vibrations or external force. Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, have a long lifespan.
  3. Helps your vehicle stay clean longer: Dirt and other debris tend to roll off your vehicle rather than becoming trapped within the microscopic pits and pockets. Because of the ceramic coating’s unique hydrophobic surface, this phenomenon is possible. This means that your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer, and when it does need to be washed, the dirt will be removed much faster than with traditional sealants.
  4. No more waxing: Waxing was once the only available form of protection. Nowadays, wax sealant underperforms ceramic coating and offers less protection. It wears off quickly, necessitating a new layer several times a year.
  5. Gives your vehicle an attractive, candy – gloss look: Your vehicle will have a more intense glossy sheen after applying a ceramic coating. Ceramic coating not only protects your vehicle’s surface but also leaves a lovely, candy-like sheen for everyone to enjoy. It will bring out the best in your original paint job, restoring the appearance of your vehicle to when you first drove it off the lot.

When having your vehicle serviced, always take the time to inspect whether the metal or chrome surfaces need to be polished. Choose the correct car coating for your vehicle, as advised by the detailer, or you will end up damaging. If you are looking for ceramic paint protection in Dubai, reach out to us.