Car Detailing Isn't a Job, It's a Kraft

Car detailing in Dubai

Car Detailing in Dubai

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Car detailing is a slow and deliberate process that necessitates a perfectionist’s approach. That is the essence of MasterKraft. To achieve the best results, our skilled detailers only use Turtle Wax products. Furthermore, we devote a significant amount of time and attention to each vehicle in our care. The goal is to return the detailing process to its roots, i.e., artisanship.

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The Turtle Wax story began in 1944 with the introduction of the very first bottled car wax. 75 years later, the most innovative brand in car care remains number one in the market, with sales of spray wax, car wash, carpet and fabric care products, and more. With products distributed in more than 120 countries, Turtle Wax has a global presence, but its hometown of Chicago is where the most innovative and award-winning formulas are developed.

We take our artisanship seriously by not compromising on the products we use. Masterkraft Detailing services uses the Turtle Wax product range exclusively to give its customers the best results.

Our experienced detailers, who are trained in the care of paint and interiors, will help to protect your vehicle for years to come. We have a comprehensive selection of car interior detailing products and services, and our staff is specially trained to deliver high-quality products and services with exceptional results. Contact us if you are looking for a car detailing shop in Dubai.

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What We Offer

Our services are focused on making your car look its best. Depending on your cars condition you may choose the specific services that you need:
Your vehicle is exposed to a variety of harmful contaminants, some are visible and some are not. Harmful industrial and chemical emissions are not only bad for the environment, but they are also bad for your car. Because your car is constantly bombarded with harmful contaminants, the longer you wait between car washes, the more damage they cause. One of the best ways to keep your vehicle in good condition and preserve its value is to have it washed and waxed on a regular basis.


Detailing consists of a multistep process of restoring a vehicle to as close as its original appearance as possible. It requires the right tools, materials, skills and most importantly time to achieve the desired results.

At MasterKraft, the average detailer has over 10 years of experience and our detailers are supervised and guided by our Master detailer who has over 20 years of industry experience.


Our detailers exclusively use Turtle Wax Professional products to achieve the desired results. The Turtle Wax philosophy dictates that since each surface of the car is made from a different material, it requires a different product to clean it and give it a longer lasting enhancement. This is unlike most detailing centers who will use the same product for multiple surfaces to achieve short term results.


Most Importantly, Once the vehicle is in our care our detailers are given the time that they need to apply their skills and achieve the best possible results for our customers.


We are a group of perfectionists with an inherent need to do our best every single time.

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What Client Say

Nikhil Bhatia
Nikhil Bhatia
Got graphene coating done for my Range Rover with Masterkraft and they did a mindblowing job. Perfection and delivered my car on time. My car felt happy 😍
Mahmoud Abu-Jaish
Mahmoud Abu-Jaish
If you are looking for a detail-oriented team, then you are at the right place. I was surprised from the high-level of quality compared to value. Don't hesitate to give a try
racestar driver #
racestar driver #
They did a full detail on my F150. It's always offroad but they made it so clean it looked like a brand new car. Super professional staff, nice waiting area where you can see your car as they work. 10/10 will go there again
Thea Buclatin
Thea Buclatin
Excellent service provided. Very nice and accommodating staff.
Matt Viardo
Matt Viardo
Everything turned out great and now my 14 yr old car looks a lot better!
Rajat Gaur
Rajat Gaur
Hi, I heard about this company through Ace Hardware. I decided to try them with my oldest car ... 2007 Honda CRV. My car started to show it's age and I decided to hand it over to Masterkraft for a full interior and exterior detailing. I wasn't expecting much as the car is already 15 years old and driven 250000 kms. The staff was extremely cordial and helpful. The office is very welcoming. The main surprise was what they did with my car. I couldn't recognise my own car. They did a real fine job and made my car look as good as new. They used quality products like Turtle Wax. I am extremely happy with the result. They are reasonably priced too. 2 main things that stood out for me. a. The attitude of the staff extremely polite, they knew their job well. b. The's difficult to believe the how drastically they changed my car's appearance to make it look as good as new..... I am definitely going back to them soon with my other car.
Prasit Chinnawong
Prasit Chinnawong
The interior shampooing service was professionally done and had a quick turnover. The staff were kind and professional, would highly recommend services done here.
Dr Anil NLP Coaching
Dr Anil NLP Coaching
Excellent customer service, great car protection... highly recommended for those who feel bad when their car is scratched... I am sure those who love their partner also love their cars...Go for it guys...take care of cars and your car will take care of you. Dr Anil Sureen MD Medicine Licensed NLP Trainer ICF Coach-PCC
Elie Salameh
Elie Salameh
Excellent service and friendly staff. Got headlights restored, looking like brand new now. Next I will come back for full car detailing.
v vijayan
v vijayan
I had the opportunity to use Mastercraft for deep cleaning and polishing for my 2015 Pilot It was indeed a pleasant surprise to see my car detailed to the core and it was almost near to new. I would recommend Mastercraft for any such car detailing works. Apart from that they are reliable and trust worthy

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